It's Fireworks Season...BE SAFE !!!!!
By Public Information Officer Rick Schartel
June 30, 2024

This is that time of year when Independence Day inspires use of fireworks across the county. And every year thousands of people of all ages are injured, and some killed by improper handling of fireworks. According to the National Fire Protection Association, children under the age of 15 account for over 1/3 of reported injuries. Further, fireworks are liked to over 19000 fires annually.
While they appear harmless, sparklers account for about 1 of every 4 emergency room visits due to fireworks. Did you know that sparklers burn at 1200 degrees F?

Your friends at TSFR urge you to please be safe with fireworks and pyrotechnics this summer.
For guidance on approved vendors of fireworks and fireworks safety in general, please contact the Township Fire Marshal’s office at 610-898-1452 Extension 4. You can also visit our friends at NFPA at this link