Monday Night Drill, Chocking
By PIO Rick Schartel
July 8, 2024

The drill topic for Monday night July 8th was chocking techniques, Chocking is the act of stabilizing a vehicle that has been involved in a collision and may be prone to rocking. Uninhibited motion can lead to additional injuries to patients and complicate the proper operation of the many powered tools at our disposal. Cribbing can also be used for stabilizing machinery, cargo loads, structural elements and so on.

Cribbing generally involves the use of solid wooden pieces, generally 2”, 4” or 6” in width depending on the load to be supported. The load is built in a crib fashion from the ground up and in contact with the load. Rescue 85 carries the majority of our cribbing, but Rescue Engine 85 also carries enough to stabilize at least one vehicle as well.